3 Chalkboard Paint Alternatives You Can Use

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Chalkboard paint is a paint whose ingredients can turn any surface into an instant writing surface that will hold chalk. This type of paint is commonly used in transforming any room with minimal effort. It is the best solution for those with kids that loved spending the afternoon with a bucket of chalk, turning their driveway into a multicolored canvas. What we definitely would highlight here is that chalkboard paint can be one of your solutions or alternatives for this problem.

Over the past few years, more and more paint companies have released chalkboard paint. Due to this reason, there is a far greater potential for most surface to do more. Just like the chalkboard menu walls at the coffee bar that can be use to announce the daily specials, a chalkboard wall in your home can serve as anything from a grocery or to-do list and even as a child’s perpetual blank canvas.

Thus, it can solve your trouble with kids doodling on wall while keeping it functional for your daily usage. Nevertheless, some of us might not be interested in painting our wall with the boring black or green chalkboard look. Fret not! There are more than just those colors. Yes, colorful chalkboard is a thing in today’s world. However, if you are still not into chalkboard paint, here are 3 chalkboard paint alternatives that you can use.

#1 – Chalkboard Sticker

This alternative is suitable for you if you are not sure whether painting a chalkboard wall can be beneficial. Whatever challenges or fear you might have in using chalkboard paint, please allow us to help you by introducing chalkboard sticker. You can of course invest in getting a chalkboard decal first and try using it for yourself before deciding to actually use chalkboard paint. If this alternative managed to catch your interest, you can get chalkboard decal for as low as RM 205.00/meter from us. You can install this chalkboard sticker on the wall using peel and stick method.

Use Chalkboard Sticker If You Are Not Ready For Chalkboard Paint
Chalkboard sticker is a great alternative to chalkboard paint and it is easy to install with peel and stick application method.

Chalkboard sticker not only give you the exact end result for your chalkboard surface but it is also easy and quick to install. All you need to do is just peel and stick. However, just like when you are using chalkboard paint, there are few steps that you need to take first before the surface is ready for the sticker. This is to ensure that the surface is clean, flat and smooth prior to the installation. You can go through this article to get some of the simple tips that we have shared. Although the article was supposed to be for chalkboard paint, the tips are still applicable for chalkboard sticker as well, especially the top three.

#2 – Whiteboard Paint

While there are many that will fancy chalkboard, we are sure that there are also some who are not, be it the paint or the sticker. That’s why we are recommending whiteboard paint as an alternative. Just like chalkboard paint, whiteboard paint can instantly transform any smooth surface into a writable area. However, it is meant to be used with marker instead of chalk. We would say that whiteboard paint is very versatile and adaptable. On top of that, it is also undeniable that whiteboard paint can be used in various wonderful ways to customize, create and bring a personal touch to any living space just like chalkboard paint.

Use Whiteboard Paint As An Alternative For Chalkboard Paint
Whiteboard paint can be another great alternative to chalkboard paint.

Many whiteboard paint that you will find online are in white. It’s unavoidable, especially since the name itself had said “white”-board. However, your whiteboard does not necessarily have to be white. For instance, if a bright wall won’t look good in white, don’t just force it. An already bright room can definitely sport white with no issues. Not to mention that a room with zero natural light source can feel big and bright if you use whiteboard paint that is white in color.

However, we are not living in a black-and-white-only world. There are still many other colors in this world and so does the whiteboard paint. Not only did whiteboard paint comes in a variety of colors, it also has various gloss levels. So, go with what you feel right and natural to the room. Don’t forget to take into consideration about the lighting as well. Regardless of your purpose, colorful whiteboard paint can always be a great twist. If the whiteboard paint’s color options were not to your liking, you can always opt for transparent whiteboard paint and used it over your wall painted with your preferred color.

#3 – Whiteboard Sticker

Whiteboard Sticker Can Be Another Option For Your Whiteboard Paint Or Chalkboard Paint And Sticker
Whiteboard sticker is one of the great alternatives to chalkboard paint.

For those of you who are not a big fan of paint, here’s another suitable alternative for you on top of chalkboard sticker. Please allow us to introduce whiteboard sticker. Just like chalkboard sticker, you can of course invest in getting a whiteboard decal first before deciding to actually use either chalkboard paint or even whiteboard paint. You can get whiteboard decal for as low as RM 105.00/meter from us. What’s more, no dry time is require for this product since it uses peel and stick application method.

So, what’s next?

Now that you have all the alternatives to chalkboard paint, the possibilities are endless. Like we always said, your creativity can only be limited by your imagination. All you need now is to search for ideas and you’ll be dreaming up of various different ways that you could use them in your space. If you are looking for more reading materials, why not give these articles a read? We have written them specifically with you in our mind.

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