5 Things You Should Consider Before Painting A Chalkboard Wall

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We all know that transforming a room will usually take a lot of effort on top of being quite a hassle. Despite this, we now believe that you can easily transform any room with minimal effort by painting the walls with chalkboard paint. This allows you to transform a normal wall into a functional one. The possibilities are endless since it can be for family message center, act as a small accent wall or as decoration for a child’s bedroom or playroom that encourage creativity. However, before you decide to do that, here are several things you should consider before you paint a chalkboard wall.

#1 – Dust can be a major turn off

If you don’t like dust, then a chalkboard wall may not be right choice for you. “Why?”, you may ask? Well, you will definitely use chalk to write or draw on your chalkboard wall. We all know that chalk can be messy and the dust from the chalk will absolutely find its way to your floor or to any furniture and crevices nearby. Not to mention that colored chalk dust can also result in the discoloration of any flooring or painted walls nearby.

We understand that this information can be a kill joy for those who would love to have a chalkboard wall but dislike dust. Fret not! We have the solution for this, after all, we never said anything about this issue cannot be solved. As our technology developed further with time, researchers had came up with solution for such issue with the creation of dustless chalk. Not only that, nowadays, a lot of people is getting more aware about the environment and of course their health.

Due to this, researchers ensured that their study will result in the development of an eco-friendly solution. As a matter of fact, our Creative Board’s EcoChalk is one of the results of such researches to provide dustless and eco-friendly chalk that is safe for you and your children.

#2 – Avoid chalkboard wall as a focal point

While chalkboard wall is a great thing in our opinion, it is still best for you to moderately use chalkboard paint. Although we did mention about using chalkboard wall as a small accent wall, it does not deny the fact that you need to use chalkboard paint for painting a small wall or just a portion of a wall. As long as the chalkboard wall is not a focal point in your space, we would definitely support you with your decision.

Chalkboard wall can be a focal point if it fits the concept of the interior design of a space although it rarely fits as a focal point in a space at home.

If you are wondering why, here the major reason; having a big chalkboard wall may end up making your space look like graffiti central. That’s why never have it as a focal point especially in a main part of your home. Another reason why we ask you to consider this is because we don’t want you to worry about the trend becoming an eyesore. So, make sure the chalkboard wall is in a less obvious part of your house.

#3 – Check your wall texture

Have you ever seen a bumpy chalkboard? If your answer is no, there’s a good reason for that. It’s to ensure a good drawing surface. Traditional paint may still be quite forgiving. “Why?”, you might ask. Unlike chalkboard paint that is best applied on a flawless, smooth surface; traditional paint can practically slides onto just about any surface. Not only that, it can also help you cover up small blemishes like cracks and nail holes on your walls.

That’s why your wall texture should be your number one concern if you are to paint it with chalkboard paint. It’s going to be quite hard for you to use chalkboard paint if your wall has some texture to it. So, make sure to scrape or sand the space you want to cover first before you paint. Don’t forget to fill any holes or cracks in the wall as well before starting with your base coat.

#4 – Paint at least two coats and let it cure properly

Do bear in mind that chalkboard paint is a bit different from any modern paint that you’re used to. For starter, most modern paint was designed to dry as quickly as possible. Due to this particular reason, you can apply multiple coats in a day. In fact, you’ll be able to get on with it on your weekend. However, things are completely different with chalkboard paint and slowing down is the main key for it.

Tips to get an even and smooth coats with chalkboard paint.
Paint at least two coats slowly and rhythmically to get an even, smooth surface.

When applying chalkboard paint on your wall, you would want to paint slowly and rhythmically to get an even surface. Try to avoid too many brushstrokes as they will show badly on walls. Not only that, you will also need to make sure that you start to work from the middle of the area to the outside. More importantly, do it in a consistent manner and keep on overlapping your brush marks to get a level result.

In other words, the more coats you apply, the smoother your walls will appear. Try aiming for at least two full coats overall and let each coat dry for at least a day before applying a new coat. One thing worth taking note as well is that, depending on the surface you’re covering and the brand you’re working with, you might need a minimum of three or even four coats of chalkboard paint. So, don’t forget to make sure that you have enough paint for it and of course, not to rush the paint job.

Not only that, according to an article on P&G website, chalkboard paint should be left to dry for up to three days before you even start to use it. So, make sure you don’t rush to start drawing on it. Let the paint cure properly for greater result.

#5 – There are other colors too

Many chalkboard paint or wall sticker that you will find online are in black or green. However, your chalkboard wall does not necessarily have to be black or green. For instance, if a dark wall won’t look good in black, don’t just force it. An already dark room can definitely sport black without a problem. However, a light-filled room on the other hand will feel small and dark if you use black chalkboard paint or sticker.

We are not living in a black-and-white-only world. There are still many other colors in this world and so does the chalkboard paint and sticker. Not only did they come in a variety of colors, they also has various gloss levels. So, go with what you feel right and natural to the room. Don’t forget to take into consideration about the lighting as well. Regardless of your purpose, colorful chalkboard paint can always be a great twist. And if you are looking for chalkboard sticker, this decal is available for as low as RM 205.00/meter from us. What’s more, the peel and stick application method means there are no dry time needed for it.

So, what’s next?

Now that you knew the things that need to be considered before getting a chalkboard wall, the possibilities are endless and can only be limited by your imagination. All you need now is to search for ideas and you’ll be dreaming up of various different ways that you could use them in your space. If you are looking for more reading materials, why not give these articles a read? We have written them specifically with you in our mind.

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