Candy Chalkboard Paint

RM4.00 - RM4.00 / sq. ft. RM3.00 - RM3.70 / sq. ft.

Candy Chalkboard Paint is a beautiful, washable, and 100% water based paint, no VOC, and low odour.

It can be painted over various materials such as wood, wallboard, plaster, foam board, glass, and primed metal effortlessly.

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Candy Chalkboard Paint

Kids will always be kids and all kids love to scribble on walls at some point in their lives. Of course these are not exactly the most awe-inspiring pieces of artworks parents would appreciate but they, the kids are just simply expressing their creativity and imagination! So as adults, it is our responsibility to give them the freedom of letting their creativity run wild using Candy Chalkboard Paint.-

The Candy Chalkboard Paint is a special paint that can turn essentially any surface instantly into a chalkboard. It is fast drying, low gloss, durable, washable, and scrubbable! It makes a great gift for children, where it allows them to express their creativity on the walls without the need to worry about long-term damage since it can easily be wiped off. Parents can help their children with learning shapes, colors, math and reading skills by writing on the chalkboard. Thus, it is a great idea for a child’s bedroom wall to be painted with Chalkboard Paint. You can convert any kind of object from metal, plastic, wood, glass, paperboard, table tops and hardboard into a chalkboard with just using this paint.-

So, if you are looking for a gift idea for a child, or a way to improve your home, try making a chalkboard out of an ordinary surface using the Chalkboard Paint. It will add fun and convenience to whatever you use it for!
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Download Candy Chalkboard Paint MSDS (EN) here

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