Glossy Whiteboard Paint

RM18.00 - RM18.00 / sq. ft. RM13.80 - RM17.50 / sq. ft.

Candy Whiteboard Paint is an unique Eco-friendly Paint that can transform walls, hallways, offices, lecture halls, dorm rooms and even a desk.

Repurpose your ordinary wall into an erasable canvas! With Candy Whiteboard Paint, your brilliant ideas will no longer be limited by the size of any whiteboard.

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The first in Asia to provide non-oil based and formaldehyde-free whiteboard paint.  With Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint, your brilliant ideas will no longer be limited by the size of any ordinary whiteboard.  Candy Whiteboard Paint will also definitely save you the cost and trouble of drilling holes on the wall just to hang those heavy whiteboards.  Also, not to mention, that you are doing the environment a huge favor by shedding off the amount of carbon dioxide produced from conventional whiteboard manufacturing.


    • -Immense space where you can brainstorm openly and visually.-


    • -Easily pass on ideas by drawing illustrations, leave reminders, make notes on an area visible to everyone.-


    • -Can act as organizational tool that can help you track of your daily activities thereby increasing productivity by leaps and bounds.-


    • -Candy Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint can be applied to any smooth surface.-


    • -Can be used on floors as it has been tested as slip resistant.-


    • -An ideal dry erase repair product for most surface.-


    • -Can also be used as a projector surface.-


    • -Has a performance guarantee of 8 years plus.-


Manufactured by Candy Paint Asia in Malaysia and distributed around Asia with pride and confidence.

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