Glow In The Dark


-Whether you want to use Glow in the Dark for EventNight Running, or use for Painting, Candy Paint is ready to give you the right solution.-

Glow in the Dark powder are activated by light either by Sunlight ( UV Rays), UV Black Light or incandescent lighting and will emit an ambient glow with NO light present.</span

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Glow in the Dark Paint / Powder (visible) is a high performance photo-luminescent.  It absorbs and stores light energy (sunlight and fluorescent light) and brightly releases such absorbed light in dark areas. Candy Glow Paint can also work as an immediate light source in case of sudden power failure. It leads people to safe areas by creating a brightly lit pathway, reduces evacuation time, and prevents panic and loss of lives.-

Can be placed in low locations because Glow in the Dark powder / paint provide visible and reliable signs for people to follow in total darkness in case of fire with dense smoke obstructing views to the Exit Signs.-

This product has been used worldwide in various sectors: Residential and Office buildings Industrial plants, Transportation, Government, Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, etc.-

Candy Glow in the Dark pigments comes with different grade and divided into water-based and oil-based.  It is safe as NON-toxic and NON-radioactive. Talk to us for details.

Colour:  Yellow-green,  Blue-green, Sky-blue, Pink, Red, Yellow, Orange, White

Colour Brightness Glow Time
 Yellow-green 3800 mcd/m² 1 minute
2400 mcd/m² 2 minutes
650 mcd/m² 10 minutes
99 mcd/m² 60 minutes
Blue-green 3300 mcd/m² 1 minute
 2010 mcd/m² 2 minutes
530 mcd/m² 10 minutes
75 mcd/m² 60 minutes
Length of glow time depends on a number of factors ranging from light and the medium used to the base colour that the pigment is applied to.
Our Candy Glow Powder comes from Japan and Germany, while the paint resin is manufactured locally in Malaysia.
Download Candy Glow in the Dark MSDS (EN) here
Why is Electrical Emergency Lighting not Sufficient?
  • Electrical emergency lighting is expensive to install and connect to the emergency lighting circuit.
  • Electrical emergency lighting requires reliable and regular maintenance.
  • Electrical emergency lighting has regularly been installed incorrectly.
  • Electrical emergency lighting has a short lifetime of typically less than 10 years in interior installations.
  • Electricity outages are common.
  • Battery, lamp & LED failures are common.
  • Electrical emergency lighting lasts for only 90-120 minutes because of battery of generator minimum design requirements.
  • Electrical lighting consumes increasingly expensive resources.
Why NEED Photo-luminescent (PL) Emergency Evacuation?
  • Fail safe operation; completely passive design
  • PL Emergency Evacuation is simple to install and requires no connection to an electrical circuit
  • PL Emergency Evacuation requires only occasional cleaning
  • PL Emergency Evacuation has a long lifetime of greater than 25 years in interior installations
  • Electricity outages are common
  • PL Emergency Evacuation lasts meets code requirements for 90-120 minutes & continues to glow for many hours during   power / electricity failures
  • PL Emergency Evacuation contains no battery, lamp or LED
  • PL Emergency evacuation consumes ZERO energy and contains ZERO radioactive, toxic or vinyl components