Candy Magnetic Receptive Paint


Adding magnetic functionality to your surfaces, yes, any surfaces.
Candy Magnetic surface is a great way to project plan, create noticeboards and carry out lessons. You can reinvent the way you work and learn.

Use in
• Kindergarten, Child Care Centre
• School Displays & Bulletin Boards
• Office Brain Storming Wall
• Eco Notice Board
• Kids’ Learning Wall, Study Room
• Eco-Friendly Shop Display
• Kitchen Message Board
• Back Door Reminders Board

Select from paint or powder (easy to ship overseas) or plaster. See Description below for details.

Call us for any large projects.

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Candy Magnetic Receptive Paint is a light grey pre-mixed lead-free, no VOC water-based latex paint that is child safe. It is able to transform any type of indoor/outdoor surface into a magnetic receptive surface. This unique paint is created by mixing very fine non-rusting ferromagnetic particles with water-based latex paint via a proprietary process, which gives it magnetic qualities.

Magnetic Paint eliminates the installation of an expensive bulletin or cork boards and photo frames which means eco-friendly. Magnets are attracted to these bits and pieces of iron. Artwork, posters, plans, and drawings can all be “hung” with non-invasive magnets, saving the wear and tear that is normally associated with tape, tacks and glue.

Why Candy Magnetic Receptive Paint is better than others ?

1. As a paint manufacturer, we can customize the strength of the magnetic paint from holding 4 sheets of 80gsm A4 paper with one D35 magnet (which is the standard product in the market) to 8 sheets (good for black colour fridge magnet) or even 12 sheets with only 2 coats.

2. Our magnetic paint is grey or light grey in colour vs those in black colour which mean it is easy to topcoat with any light colours, even white.

Paint – Good for DIY. Select from normal grey or white-grey colour. Paint tools provided*
Powder – Good to ship overseas as without liquid.  Application guide provided.
Type : 1 Litre (0.8798 Imperial Quart) cover 3 sqm (33 sqft) in 3 coats

Plaster – To get the strongest magnetic receptive effect, holding heavy items on your magnetic surface, we recommend using magnetic plaster. It is a pre-mixed commercial grade plaster, and it applies like any standard plaster by any professional applicator.
Type : 1 Litre (0.8798 Imperial Quart) cover 3 sqm (33 sqft) in 2 coats

You can topcoat Candy Magnetic Paint or Plaster with any paint from our paint products: whiteboard paint, chalkboard paint, glow in the dark paint, and fluorescent paint.

Talk to us for any customization you need for your magnetic surfaces.

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