3 Ways You Can Use Whiteboard Paint In Your IKEA Hack Projects

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Like many others, we love IKEA products! It’s affordable, easy to assemble and designed with a modern look using cutting-edge approach. However, with this Swedish mega-retailer keeps on printing more and more copies of its catalog, it’s unavoidable for millions if not billions of homes to have the same furniture. Despite this, we need to be thankful to this situation as well since this is the sole reason that IKEA hacks exist.

IKEA hack is basically the terms used for a solution that people uses to instantly upgrade their IKEA finds and elevate them into unique, stylish and expensive-looking decor. IKEA hacks are also popular among those who do not want to splurge on new furniture but wanted to avoid a carbon copy of their friends’ spaces. You can easily transform any of the IKEA’s functional pieces into new furniture so chic that no one will even think they were bought from IKEA.

For the sake of staying true to our offerings, we won’t simply be talking about any IKEA hacks, but rather something more specific and related to our product range – whiteboard paint. You can use these ideas not only to kick start your project using whiteboard paint, but also using chalkboard paint as we have previously shared in this article. These suggestions will not only help improve your space but will also inspire your creativity to create an original design. Give any of these ideas a try especially since it require next to no DIY skills. What’s not to love, right? Without further ado, let’s get started.

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